Hello and welcome to my blog looking into the backroom world of orchestration and orchestrators.

The first part of this series looks at 5 past orchestrators who contributed dynamic and innovative orchestrations and arrangements to Broadway and Hollywood in the so called Golden Age of the 20th Century, making a lasting impression and influence on musicals forever. Although they were hardly credited for their work in the past, it is only over the last 20 years or so that the breadth of their talent and credits are being revealed and celebrated.
These mini bios so to speak are by no means exhaustive but they go someway to provide a snapshot of their life and career.

Information used in these blogs come from a wide variety of sources including blogs, interviews, independent research, friends, present day arrangers and multitude of books. I am truly grateful for all their help. The core of almost each blog, is based on Steve Suskin’s book on Broadway orchestration:

Steve Suskin – The Sound of Broadway Music
Well worth a read if you are interested in the entire history of Broadway orchestration. A fantastic book full of funny anecdotes, interviews, trivia and almost bar by bar analysis of orchestrations.